Multidisciplinary Engineering

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3D Modeling Distillation Units

3D Modeling & 2D Drafting

Highly experienced in SolidWorks and AutoCAD, EMSEE engineers provide comprehensive 2D and 3D designs for all your company’s/personal project needs.

HVAC Design

Mechanical & Structural Design

EMSEE provides mechanical and structural design services that will ensure your project needs are met efficiently, along with the required safety and code compliances.

Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering

EMSEE provides CWB retained welding engineering services. We also provide welding procedure documents along with specifications as needed.

Covering a large area of industrial applications

Inspecting Industrial Pipes

Inspections & Certification

At EMSEE Engineering, we work within several avenues of inspections and testing. Railing testing & inspections, glass walls, and equipment are just a few mentioned here.

Project Management Inspections with Blueprint

Project Management

Construction & Developement, EMSEE provides expert insight & direction to ensure safe and timely completions on any new project or for existing structures.

Equiptment Design Modification

Equipment Design & Modifications

At EMSEE we can modify your existing equipment, or custom design equiptment to suit your businesses changing production needs.

Serving your engineering design, needs and requirements

Prototype Design

Prototype Design

Your prototype will meet safety, quality and productivity requirements, using the most practical means to convert raw material into a finished product.

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...and more

EMSEE provides a wide range of engineering services for any industrial or business needs. Contact us to find out how EMSEE Engineering can serve you.

Scientists dream about doing great things, Engineers do them.
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What EMSEE is About

EMSEE Engineering was established in Alberta in 2014. In 2016 the company moved to the beautiful Lumby, British Columbia.

EMSEE Engineering continues to work throughout the Okanagan as well as with many large corporations across Alberta and Manitoba.

We are a multidisciplinary Mechanical Engineering practice, skilled in Welding Engineering, mechanical and structural design, project management, equipment design and modifications, along with railing inspections, just to name a few.

We are a family run company and our staff are skilled individuals that will go above and beyond to make your engineering project a success.

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Why Choose EMSEE?

We strive to break the barrier between Engineer and client, and firmly believe that every good conversation starts with good listening.

EMSEE - Mike Christie, P. Eng.

Mike Christie - Owner - Certificates Background

Mike Christie is the creator, president and head Engineer for EMSEE Engineering Inc. Graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Mechanical Engineering – Co-operative Program.

Mike Christie is a proud family man and an avid outdoors man as well as musician. While he attended the University of Alberta, he gained experience in the Oil and Gas Drilling industry.

His background includes many years experience in heavy equipment and machinery reliability and design, along with industrial design and repair.

Mike continues to work project management throughout Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatoon; one of which includes a deep foundation and shoring project.

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