Rock Crusher Modernization, Previous Projects
Industry: Mining
Status: Completed

Reverse engineering an antique rock crusher to create a modern functioning version of the original crusher for present day use. 

Required: Equipment modification, 3D modelling, testing, welding engineering, engineered drawings.

Lifting Bar Design, Metric Modular
Industry: Manufacturing 
Location: Penticton, BC
Status: Completed

Design and build a custom lifting bar that integrates into the current crane system used  for moving modular home floors during the construction stage. 

Required: 3D modelling, FEA analysis, welding engineering, engineered drawings, final inspection.

Wheel Chair Paddle board & Ramp Design, Access Revolution
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: North Vancouver, BC
Status: Completed

Design, build, and test a paddle board for wheel chair occupant use. In addition, design a ramp for ease of wheelchair access on and off the board. Access Revolution Website: 

Required: 3D modelling, testing, and engineered drawings.

Man Basket Design, Doublestar Drilling
Industry: Oilfield
Location: Edmonton, AB
Status: Completed

Design a custom man basket for carrying up to five personnel to conduct various elevated drilling tasks. The man basket needed to connect to an existing excavator quick coupler mechanism by a custom designed bracket.

Required: 3D modelling, mechanical component design, FEA analysis, structural analysis, welding engineering, engineered drawings.

Wipe Film Evaporator, Claresholm Welding
Industry: Manufacturing 
Location: Claresholm, AB
Status: In Progress

Check and modify the current wipe film evaporator design to ensure it meets the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.    

Required: Pressure vessel design, 3D modelling, engineered drawings, welding engineering.

Welding Shop HVAC, Fab All Welding
Industry: Welding 
Location: Fort St. John, BC
Status: Completed

Design the HVAC system for a 6,200 sqft welding shop. Ensure proper equipment is selected to handle a climate with extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Required: HVAC calculations and design, equipment selection, engineered drawings.

Non Destructive Testing, Various Clients
Industry: Multiple Sectors
Location: Various Locations
Status: Completed

Perform non destructive inspection techniques including Level 2 magnetic particle inspections (MPI) on new and existing equipment in various industries. 

Required: Certified Level II MPI Inspector.

Railing Testing & Inspection, Various Clients
Industry: Manufacturing 
Location: Various Locations
Status: Completed

Testing the strength of residential and commercial railings based off the areas building code. Providing engineered drawings for manufacturing and construction. Inspecting existing or newly installed railing systems that require further engineering after installation.

Required: Physical testing, FEA analysis, engineered drawings, inspections.